Our services include:,Web Development,Huawei Certification Courses,Robotics Training, Music/Instrument Training, Self Defence Training

Name: Adewale Samuel Adebayo

Profile: Solution Developer/Trainer

Email: adewalesamuel1@gmail.com

Phone: +2348063599862


Web Design (HTML) 85%
Programming (C#.Net/ASP.Net) 75%
Robotics/Embedded Systems/Home Automation 50%
Music/Instruments 90%
About Us

Swap-Technologies is a technological company that basically train people on different aspects of technologies, and still develop solutions for small and medium-sized organisations.

The nature of the business include but not limited to the following: ICT Training, Huawei Certification Training, Sales of equipments, Solutions development, Music performance and self defence training.

We also engage in home special trainings, office/corporate training and are open to newer technological ideas that will bring solutions to the needs of a variety of clients all over the country and the world at large.


We have variety of services at SWAP-TECHNOLOGIES.

ICT Equipments Sales

ICT gadgets including Computers (Laptops, Desktops), Printers, Copiers, Softwares, CCTV Cameras, Hard Drives, Flash Drives, other Accesories, Robotics kits (LEGO MINDSTORMS), Inverters/Solar System, Security equipments and others are sold.

Apps Development

Our core work is software development and website design for clients; Mobile application development with cross-platform tools (Android, IOS, Windows); Variety of apps (Console, Windows, Web and Mobile) developed. We use current tools for our jobs and also train our students to develop commercial applications apart from the certificates they will be issued after training with us. We run training at our training centre, at client's place and online for distant students especially during this covid-19 period.

Huawei Certifications Training

HCIA, HCIP and HCIE Certification courses are handled at our training centre and online for those far away. Courses include: Routing and Switching, WLAN, Big Data, Cloud Computing, Cloud Services, 5G, Security, Storage, LTE, AI, and others. Exams will be written and successful students will gain international certification from Huawei company (the world leading ICT company)

Automated Systems

Robotics, Embedded systems and Home automation is another aspect we provide solutions. Use of sensors to control equipments in offices and homes, CCTV camera installation, Alarm systems, etc.

Self Defence Training - Taekwondo

We offer training to schools and individuals on self defence as an extra-curricular activity. This includes: Aerobics, Attack/Defence skills, Basic Forms(Poomsae), Weapon disarm, Test for strength, etc. Trained students are gradded to new belts and issued valid certificates by the Taekwondo Association Black Belt Chairman.


  • Strings(Violin, Viola, Cello, Double Bass, Guitar)
  • Brass(Trumpet, Trombone, Euphonium, Tuba, Cornet, Horns)
  • Wood-Wind(Clarinet, Recorder, Flute, Saxophone)
  • Keyboards(Piano, Organ, Electronic Keyboards)
  • and Percussion(Drums, Cymbal, Timpani, Triangle, Chimes)
. Music Certification exams are conducted for our trainees.










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LEGO Robotics

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LEGO Robotics is a special package for schools.

Web Design

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